Sunday, November 16, 2008

Homemade Meat Balls with Water Chestnut

Homemade meat balls. Ahhh!! For as long as I can remember, since young I only had homemade meat balls. My family do not eat out very often and even if we ate out it would be mostly Chinese food. Therefore, I have always had the impression that meat balls are made at home. Of course now, you can get pre-packed meatballs from supermarkets easily.

I will share with you my simple recipe of homemade meatballs. I am sure there are many variations of this in terms of ingredients that you can use but this is a very basic recipe that is fast and simple. I would be adding water chestnut for extra crunch in this recipe.

Simple ingredients -
Base meat ingredients -
1) 500 gram minced pork
2) 1 medium sized onion or 3 pieces of shallots- chopped fine.
3) 2 cloves of garlic - chopped fine.
4) Seasoning - salt, soy sauce, cornstarch, pepper.

5) Special add-on - Water chestnut - I just used half of the can below. I did not buy fresh ones cos it was just too tedious to peel and cut so I opted for the easy way out. However, fresh ones are definitely sweeter so do use fresh ones if you get to buy them in the supermarkets.

Simple steps -
1. Remove half of the sliced water chestnut from the can. Chopped it fine. I will leave the size up to you. Some prefer it smaller but I have opted for slightly larger pieces so that I can taste the crunch.

2. Mix and marinade all the ingredients of the base meat mix. Add the water chest nut last.

3. Mix it well. Actually my water chestnut bits are a bit chunky. I should have made the bits smaller as it was a bit difficult to make it stick together when I roll it into small sized balls.

4. Shape the meat mix into small round shaped balls. Use a average sized table spoon, scoop up the meat, wet your fingers a bit and shape into balls on your palms.

5. Last step - heat wok with oil for frying. Fry the meat balls till golden brown. Voila! Ready to eat! Trust is YUMMY!!


Little Inbox said...

I make meatballs too, just without the water chestnut.
Home made meatballs is good ingredients for spaghetti. :)

mysimplefood said...

Yeah, my home recipe is usually without the chestnut but I thot I should spice it up like the ones in wantan. It's good.

Anonymous said...

And still variants?

Anonymous said...

Bravo, you were visited with an excellent idea