Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am moving on.....a little bit

I am not good at break-ups. I don't handle them well. I usually try to avoid them.

So even though I should have parted with you a long time ago after finding someone new, I still hung on.

Hanging on because I don't want to hurt you and I don't want to feel hurt.

But I know I am not being fair to either of you. I am not able to devote my love and time equally. More often than not, I am confused on who to love more, who I should focus on. As a result, I neglected both of you, prefering to avoid than to confront.

So, I have made up my mind. I can only choose ONE. I can only focus on ONE. Even though it breaks my heart to say this....unfortunately I have to break up with you. It's the best for us. You are my first and will always have a place in my heart.

There you have it my friends, thank you for support to my humble blog all these while. As you can see I have not updated much. And definitely trying to keep 2 blogs does not help. So, I will always have fond memories of . You were my first but I am focusing on just my main blogsite

Please continue to visit my blog for my culinary and eating adventures.

I have moved!!

I am really not good at break-ups so I am keeping the strings, will just be recipes for easy reference. For the full story of the recipes, be on my main blog