Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kaya......or "Rich" coconut jam

Kaya in Malay means Rich! But in Malaysian food is the name for coconut egg jam. I searched wiki and it's explanation of using the word "rich" in Malay is based on its golden color. that true??

Anyway serikaya (called in Indonesia) or simply just "kaya" (in Malaysia) is made from coconut, milk, pandan leaves and sugar. This is my second posting on making this. I can't resist showing the same process again just to showcase that the texture and color improved from the first time. Click here for the first posting on kaya. :)

1) I made sure I used more sugar for the caramelizing. I like my kaya dark-brown in color. Remember to do this is directly over small fire.

2) Then put in the mixed combination eggs, coconut milk and rest of sugar.

3) The stirring starts...slow and steady. Remember this is a double boiled concept. Pot in water over fire.

4) More stirring for it to thicken and get more brown.....

5) After 1 hour of stirring, I wonder why didn't I make I never have to do this again :). Hey! Mind can wonder but hands -please keep stirring.

6) After another hour of monotonous stirring, I think it is finally ready. I wish it would be more brown but it's alright, the texture is pretty smooth this time.

7) I did only a small portion...... a mid sized bowl, but this will probably last me and Hubby-D for a month. It's alright.....sugar and coconut milk - not the healthiest combination but we can indulge moderately. Best on toast aka Roti bakar!!!!

Simple ingredients -
1) 4 eggs
2) Sugar - 200gm
3) 1 coconut from can - 350ml or 400ml
4) Pandan leaves - Best if available, just put in while stirring and remove when ready.
Don't forget to click here for more detailed step by step instructions.


Alexis Ng said...

i love the colour of ur kaya! its really pretty. mine was light brown, greenish, due to the screwpine leaves i added.

mysimplefood said...

Hi Alexis - Yeah I love the brown kaya, to get it to be more brown, just caramelized more sugar in the beginning!! :)

NickTay said...

Why is the butter poor?
Cos its not kaya :P

mysimplefood said...

Nick - That's a great trivia! Good one! :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

i can smell the kaya fragrant.....

mysimplefood said...

try making it and you can have the aroma in your kitchen...