Friday, December 28, 2007

Food, food, yum yum food.

I am no chef, I don't refer to recipe books, I cook occasionally and I am also very particular about food (meaning - a lot of food I don't eat) but I enjoy cooking. This food made simple idea came up hoping that it can help more wannabe cooks to try their hands on this art of cooking. Now I call it art cos I sincerely believe that cooking is not science, it does not require strict and complicated formulas. Just feel the food, taste it, enjoy it and then roughly figure out how to cook it. I will be detailing all my simple food conquests whether succeed or fail , you will only know when you try.

Again....I am no chef but I enjoy cooking and sharing how I cook my dishes. This blog will document step by step on how I cook my dishes and even my baking steps. It may turn out and sometimes it may not, so I do welcome comments and suggestions from everyone out there. Let's learn together. Please visit for more of my culinary adventures. Contact me at

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Neogrendal said...

I agree. Food is an art...beautiful and yet tasty art. Hurrah for the artist. Cannot wait to taste all the masterpieces that are featured here. bon appetit!