Monday, December 31, 2007

Crispy Prawn/Meat Balls with Cereal

Inspiration - Hmmm... I love "Lai yau" prawns (buttered prawn). Not really the prawns but those tiny strands of buttered egg "hair". This was supposed to be my first attempt of making it today but unfortunately I did not manage to buy evaporated milk (which is a key ingredient). No worries I remember I bought a packet of crispy Prawn cereals which serves the same purpose. Effort made simple ! It is by MasFood sold in markets and sundry shops. It is called Instant Crispy Prawn with Cereal (without the prawns of course) and it looks extremely yummy.

Good thing I have a curry leaves plant at my back garden, hurray!

I did not have enough prawns so I decided to add fried pork meat balls which my mom made yesterday. Also there is really no need to remove the shell of the prawns but my mom did it without my knowledge. Well, the good point is that, I do not need to use my hands when I am eating to remove the prawn shells later.

Don't forget the "I leave without" cilipadis and magerine or butter for the fragrant taste.

Simple Steps :-
1) Dip prawns into batter (flour mixed in some water). Heat up oil for deep frying, put in prawns and deep fry till cook. Put aside to drain the oil. I then put in the fried meat balls just for a quick fry. Put aside to drain the oil too.

2) Remove the access oil. Put in a table spoon of butter in same wok, remember low fire ok, throw in the curry leaves and cili pad and mix well.

* Notice how I leave the food at the side while I cook the other ingredients. It is a habit and also for speed but it does not work all the time. So don't follow if you are not used to it.

3) When curry leaves are fragrant, put in the instant cereal mix and continue to stir. Mix the prawns and meat balls together. Ready to eat! yum yum!!

Ingredients -

1) A packet of Instant Crispy Prawn Cereals from Masfood (available in market or sundry shops)
2) Some prawns (main ingredient) or meatballs (my simple way) if you like
3) Curry leaves
4) A tsp of butter
5) Cilipadi
6) Oil for deep frying


Neogrendal said...

Yum Yum...all the ingredients and spices makes my sliver dripping at the side of my mouth...yum yum

Baby m009 said... dear! Control yrself! I know it is yummy :)