Friday, April 18, 2008

Fried Mee Hoon

Inspiration - Fried mee hoon - I love! Seriously, I can just eat and eat and eat meehoon until I am so stuffed. I just love something about the texture of fried mee hoon. I was home with dad one Saturday afternoon and I decided to whip up a some delicious mee hoon or known as vermicelli.

Simple Steps :-

1. Soak and Drain the mee hoon in water.
As you know, I always just search my house to see what I have, and so happened there was this packet of organic Meehoon. Well, with everything organic, the color is always off, this one is reddish brown and also the texture is much thicker. So, you will have to put in water a little while longer than the usual mee hoon. Infact, I used hot water to speed up the process. Around 10 mins would do is using hot water. Remember, always seive it up and give time 10-15 mins for it to dry up. if not it will all stick on the wok when you stir fry the mee hoon.

2. Get all ingredients ready. I have 2 vegetables - cabbage and choy sum. Prawns and pork (season with salt, pepper, light soy sauce), garlic, 1 sliced onion and dried shrimps for extra aroma.

3. Stir fry the dried shrimps first until fragrant and crunchy. Put on plate.

4. Then stir fry some garlic, onions and add the pork till cook. Put on plate. Then put prawns in and a quickly stirfry and put onto the same place. I like to get the ingredients ready first to add into the mee hoon later.

5. On the same wok, add some oil and garlic to stir fry the cabbage and the choy sum.

6. Quickly add in the mee hoon and toss in wok.

7. For the seaoning, I like to put all the seasoning in a bowl first (vs just adding into work directly one by one), so add water, salt, dark soy sauce, light sauce soy ina bowl and mix well. Add into the meehoon and continue to toss in wok. Ensure fire is big enough for you to control. Add little water as necessary if you see that the meehoon is still not as soft as desired.

8. Lastly, when mee hoon is cooked, throw in the prawns/pork/dried shrimps ingredients and toss further.

9. Serve on plate. Voila! Ready to eat. Yum Yum!

Simple ingredients :-

1. 1 packet of meehoon (vermicelli)

2. Onions, Garlic - chopped

3. Pork and prawns - slight seasoning

4. Vegetables - cabbage and choy sum

5. Dried shrimps

6. Salt, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, pepper.


SloppyChic said...

wah...looks nice. looks like my mom's fried mee hoon... *drooooool*

trinitivy said...'s quite easy, try it.