Thursday, April 24, 2008

Radish Cake (Lobak Kueh)

Inspiration - My contribution to Chinese New Year cooking. This year is the first year I have to spend New Year's eve away (the reality of being married) but I got to come home on 1st day of CNY and I decided to make radish cake. This is my 2nd attempt - thanks for my Auntie Judy's recipe!
Simple Steps :-

1) Get all ingredients ready. This is the most tedious part of the work. All the chopping and mincing.

Garlic and Shallots
Dried Shrimp
Minced Pork
Mushroom and some Leeks
Radish (grated)

Rice Flour (1 pkt- 500gm)

2) Now for all the frying. Stir fry ingredients separately.

Stirfry shallots and garlic till golden brown
Stirfry dried shrimp till crunchy

Stirfry minced pork till cook (add some soysauce and salt)
Stirfry mushroom and leeks till cook

For the radish, stirfry in wok for a while after taking out the earlier ingredients.

4) For the dough, in a large tray, add water and rice flour together and stir well. Put in all stir-fried ingredients and mix well. Ensure sufficient water so that the dough and ingredients mix well. Add salt and pepper.

5) Place tray on top of boiling water and steam for 2 hours.

6) Garnish with fried shallots and onion. Voila! Ready to eat! Yum Yum!

Simple Ingredients :-

1) Rice flour (1 pkt - 500gm)

2) Minced meat. Minced mushroom, Minced dried shrimp, minced shallots, garlic, leeks

3) One whole medium sized radish - grated

4) Salt / Pepper to taste.

Verdict - You may have noticed that my dough is a little thick. Actually the dough turned out too hard. It tasted great but just that it was a bit hard. So it just needed a bit more water in the dough.


Sharon said...

I really enjoyed learning cooking by following the steps by steps method of your guidance. This is really good for me as I am still a beginner.I really have to "thumb up" your cookings and I hope you will post more and more recipes and cooking methods as I am sure I am gonna bookmark this page for my future cooking's learning guide. Thank you so much.


Peb said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for the compliment. I am also new to cooking but I do love cooking and thot it would be useful not all and also myself to document step by step so I can refer back anytime....