Thursday, May 1, 2008

Green Curry Chicken

Inspiration - My sis-law Lynn was so nice to give me a bunch of different quick recipe seasoning from Asian Home Gourmet (which I later realised it is sold here in US too). So I decided to try the Thai Green Curry. It looked simple enough.

Simple Steps :-
1) All you need is some chicken breast (cut in cubes). I only had some carrots in fridge so I used that plus one big onion.

2) Remove the seasoning packet and place the seasoning ingredients in wok with some oil. Stirfry till fragrant. Watch the fire (medium prefer) so that it does not burn easily.

3) Then put in the chicken, carrot and onions. Mix around well with the ingredients.

4) I was a little dissappointed but this recipe required some coconut milk. Luckily I had some so I added in. Usually the Brahims seasoning is all in one and does not require anything else excpet the meat and veges of course. Anyway, I added some water too and let it simmer for 10 mins.

5) Voila! Ready to eat, Yum yum!. Thai Green Curry Chicken.

Simple Ingredients
1) 350gm Chicken breast (cut in cubes)
2) Vegetables - Carrot and Onions
3) 300ml Coconut milk
4) 1 pkt of Asian Home Gourmet Thai Green Curry Spicepaste
5) Optional - you can add basil leaves, green chilli or coriander as garnish.

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