Friday, June 20, 2008

Har Bee Luah aka Spicy Dried Shrimp

Inspiration :- This is a tribute to my grandma, she is a wonderful woman, she may have love-hate relationships with the family but we all know deep down she is a woman who worked hard all her life to raise 5 kids and now trying to grow old gracefully. As far as I can remember, tracing back to my childhood, she has always cooked this spicy dish. In Hokkien "har bee luah" literally translated to "dried shrimp spicy". I love this dish and probably where I picked up my palate for spicy dishes. So, here, I am in Dallas trying for the 1st time to replicate one of my grandma's signature dish.

Simple ingredients -
1) Dried Shrimp - one handful

2) Chilli paste - depending on how spicy you want

3) Salt and sugar to taste
4) Oil for frying

Simple steps :-
1) Soak dried shrimp for at least 30 mins. Then mince it. It does not need to be too fine. Some texture taste better.

2) Filled wok with 3-5 tablespoons of oil. You can also start with stir-fry of minced garlic and shallots. Then add in the minced dried shrimp. Stir-fry till fragrant in medium heat.

3) Add the chilli paste, mix well and continue to stir-fry.

4) For those with sensitive noise, be warned that you may accidently get a whiff of the spice through the nose and it may inadverdently spark a series of uncontrollable spicy "ah choooos".
I often hear it whenever my grandma or mom is cooking this dish.

5) Once the shrimp is aromatic, slighty reddish brown and then Voila! Ready to eat! Yum yum!


molly said...

That is my favourite when I was small. It started when my neighbour gave us some to try and from then on my mum started cooking that dish, but now I found the recipe again, thanks.
Will link you in my blog, ok?

cc said...

what is har bee luah? I never heard of this before. I know har bee is dried shrimp... but how do you eat it? With rice? or noodles?

Also, hello there! I'm in San Antonio, so we're pretty close to each other! :)

Peb said...

Hi Molly - Am glad that you like it. Try it, I hope it turns out well. Thanks for linking.

Hi CC - luah is a hokkien word for spicy... thus spicy dried shrimp. Best eaten with rice. it is kinda like rice is best but for me, I also put some on noodles sometimes...just for the spice...

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