Friday, June 13, 2008

Prawn Mee - My first try!!!

Inspiration - Ok Ok, I kinda cheated. Did not make the soup from scratch. I had a little help from this pkt of instant prawn mee noodles I brought specially from Malaysia. But, but, please give me credit that I need put a lot of effort to make it look like I was ordering a delicious prawn mee from a kopitiam. Ohhh! I miss being able to just go out to any hawker stall and just order anything noodles, meehoon, chicken rice, wan tan mee...etc

Simple steps :-

Get all the ingredients ready.

1) Prawns - I boiled the prawn heads in soup for the "real" aroma. Do not boil the actual prawns for too long as it will be tough and not juicy to eat.
2) A piece of pork - ah ha which I also boil in the same make the soup tastier. Cut the boiled pork into slices.
3) Hard Boiled eggs - I boiled it separately... not in the same soup!! :)
4) Taugeh
5) Fried shallots and garlic. Also if u noticed I did fry some pieces of pork lard - I had to make it real!
6) Noodles - I just use the instant noodles - since the soup is from the instant noodle seasonings.

Boil the soup, prepare all the garnishing, and Voila! Ready to eat! Yum Yum!

Verdict - I really impressed my hubby-D who complimented on how hawker-like it feels on a Saturday morning though out from my lovely home in Dallas Texas.


Precious Pea said...

Do check out my post on Prawn Mee which I did from scratch. :)

Peb said...

Hi Precious Pea - Thanks. I found the recipe on yr website. Now, I just need to accumulate the prawn heads which I've started but I don't take that much prawns so it will take a while :)

Ray said...

Hi there, nice job on the prawn noodle.

Btw, are u currently in the US? or other parts of the world?

Peb said...

Hi Ray - thanks. I am currently in Dallas USA.