Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tong Sui - Longan with white fungus

Inspiration - This is really easy. The super picky food person ME only really like longan tong sui so what better way but to make it. I actually made it 1.5 mths ago for my hubby. I feel very much like a Hongkie wife. Well you know, in the TVB series they always have tong sui for supper. This is the 3rd time I am making it and this time to celebrate the new year 2008. Tong sui according to old folks ..it is very "yun" (in Cantonese) - hard to explain but basically it means it is good for skin, I think!

Simple Steps -

1) Just get red dates, white fungus, longan and some rock sugar ready. Make sure that you soak and drain the all ingredients (except rock sugar) in water a couple of times.

2) Put a pot of water to boil, put in the red dates first to get the fragrant of the base water. Oh yeah...you should also slice each of the red dates a bit so that the taste is more enhanced. Throw in the longan after about 10 mins and continue to boil on medium fire.

3) Throw in the white fungus the last cos you still wanna the crunchy taste. Voila, Ready to eat! Yum yum!!

Ingredients -

1) Some white fungus
2) probably around 20 red dates
3) probably 20-30 longans
4) 2 medium size rock sugar. No need too much cos the longan and red dates are already sweet
5) Water of course


Neogrendal said...

Baby..I absolutely love this blog that you are doing. The instructions are easy and the pictures are worth more than a million words. Keep doing a great blog. More tasty food...and more food made simple...

Anonymous said...

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