Friday, October 3, 2008

Thank you FoodBuzz...

I started a food blog out of interest and with the intention of archiving my recipe for future reference. I am so happy that many of you like my blog and thank you for constantly visiting and giving me your feedbacks via emails and also comments on my blog.

Thank you Foodbuzz for inviting me into the Foodbuzz family. I am so happy with my very first payment for my blogging and it came from Foodbuzz. Morever, look at what came for me. A nice present from Foodbuzz consisting of an apron and a cake spatula. Thank you, thank you...I love getting presents.

It is a great encouragement for me to continue blogging. Thanks all for your support.


lilian said...

Nice apron. I love their organic cotton bag and have been carrying it around everywhere.

Peb said...

Thanks Lilian. Yeah, I read they gave out the bags earlier. I have not joined then. Yeah..I am happy to receive gifts...especially free ones...LOL