Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Yuk Kon" Sandwich with Egg

Inspiration - I needed breakfast, I still have the "yuk kon", mom bought bread, and so I decided to do a slight spin to my "yuk kon" sandwich. Nothing too mind-blowing - simply added egg.

Simple Steps -

1) Honey Oat Bread - Mom bought this from Berry's Cake House.

2) Hard Boiled egg - mash it up and add a bit of mayo. you can add a bit of salt for taste if you like.

3) Get the "yuk kon", lettuce, mayo, put them all together and Voila, Ready to eat! Yum yum!!

Simple ingredients -

1) Dried slice pork aka "yuk kon"
2) Honey Oat Bread
3) Hard Boiled Egg
4) Lettuce
5) Mayo

Verdict - Not too bad but I think without the egg better. I am not a fan of egg sandwich :(

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