Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Yuk Kon" Sandwich

Inspiration - Hmm..hmm..this is a definitely a Malaysian favourite - Dried Slice Pork or famously called "yuk kon" (in Cantonese). You can eat it on its own, eat it with bread, eat it with rice etc. Though you can get this from the Dried Slice Pork shops anyday but this is much more in demand during Chinese New Year. Friends and relatives would buy it as gifts when they go house visiting. I had a slight craving for it and decided to get 500gm (RM33/-) from Bee Chee Hiang in SS2.

Start of work on 2nd of January, to make the day more bearable :), I wanted to make a good breakfast of "yuk kon" sandwich but decided to make it a little bit more of a culinary experience ( not much ) but still better than just filling it in between 2 slice of bread. And it turned out really well!

Simple steps -
1) Happened that I had wholemeal buns at home. Bought from Berry's Cake House for my mom. She can't leave without bread at home! I am now in wholemeal breads, thinking it that no harm munching down so called healthier bread.

2) Get a few slices of lettuce and mayo (I like the Japanese type). Don't forget the yummy "yuk kon".

3) Put the yuk kon into the bun, stuff in the lettuce and some mayo. Voila! Ready to eat! Yummy yummy!!

Simple ingredients -

1) Dried slice pork aka "yuk kon"
2) Whole meal buns, you can use bread too
3) Lettuce
4) Mayo

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Neogrendal said...

yum yum baby...looks very tasty..:)