Sunday, January 6, 2008

Porky pork

Inspiration - Folks...this is my most fav dish. Trust me...I love it and it is lovingly called porky pork. It is like "siew yoke" but the taste is different. It is just yummy yummy. I can't describe it, you have to try to make it yourself. Just do it!
Simple steps :-
1) Firstly the pork. You have to buy pork with half fat and half lean meat. In Chinese, my mom calls it "far yoke" aka "flower pork" but basically mean the half fat/lean meat part. Errr...don't know what it is called in English..loin? side belly? just go to the Chinese pork seller and say "far yoke".
Bye the way, the meat is usually a long strip so in the pic above, the meat has been cut already. Anyway, marinate with salt, soy sauce, pepper. For more taste, you can also add oyster sauce. Marinate for at least 2 hrs.
2) When ready to cook, marinate with some flour, and corn-stach flour.
3) Next, fill wok with oil for deep frying. Fire up to heat oil. Only when oil is hot, put in the meat.

4) Put fire on medium while cooking. Watch fire to ensure that the outside do get cook to fast. Just incase inside of meat is not cooked yet.

5) When meat is brown and crispy, get ready to turn fire off. Usually, I like it more brown for the extra crispy taste.
6) Remove from wok and drain oil from meat. Serve on plate for it to cool down.

7) When ready to eat, cut it into pieces and Voila! Ready to eat! Yum yum!!

Tip - this goes ready well with a dip of garlic and chili padi in soy sauce. Super yum!

Simple ingredients -

1) Pork - "far yoke" in Chinese

2) Marinate - salt, soy sauce, pepper, corn-starch flour

3) Oil for frying


Neogrendal said...

Yeah yeah my moo moo is so smarto. I likey porky pork....

Precious Pea said...

Such a simple recipe! I will try this out. Ooo...Far Yuk is called pork belly.

Peb said...

Hi Precious Pea - yeah, found out later that it is pork belly. It is really yummy, I can just eat and eat and eat...but cannot eat so much la....