Saturday, January 5, 2008

Steamed Fish with Tauchu

Inspiration...ok ok this is not by me, my mom made is one of her popular and delicious dishes that I approve of :). I like it and it is really simple to make so decided to include it in my simple kitchen. Trust is yum yum.

Simple Steps -

1) The fish. Seriously I don't really know the different names of fishes, thus also creating a lot of hesitation whenever ordering in restaurants therefore I don't really know fish my mom is using. It is likely Red Snapper or maybe Red Prompret. Cos in Cantonese it is called "hung fei chao". Let me know yeah if it is red snapper, prompret or talapia or whatever. Mom only use half of the fish since only 3 of us are eating.

2) Next is the special ingrediant. Ok ...again I am not sure of its official name but I know it is called Tauchu. In my limited food knowledge , I am guessing it is somekind of fermented beans. Ok...anyone out there to educate me a bit more?

Ok..take a table spoonful tauchu, cut some garlic and chili padi. Put a bit oil in wok, throw in garlic and cilipadi, stir fry till fragrant and then put in the Tauchu. Stir fry in low fire and you will begin to smell the yum yum fragrance of the tauchu.

3) Put the fried tauchu on the fish.

4) Ok..this is the simple part on steaming. It saves time and easy to estimate. Because this is a small fish, it is quite easy. Put rice to boil, and immediately when the rice is nearly cook meaning rice is nearly dry (no more water boiling) and just before the rice cooker indicates rice is ready, put the fish into the rice cooker. Just let it be for about 10mins minimum and trust me the fish would be just nice.

Ok if you are not keen to use it this way you can steam it in a wok or ricecooker filled with water at the bottom. With boiling water, the fish should be ready in 10mins. Turn off the gas and just let it simmer inside the pot for another 10 mins. Should be fine.... :)

5) When you are ready to eat your dinner, just remove the fish from the rice cooker/pot and Voila! Ready to eat! Yum yum!

Simple Ingredients :

1) Fish...errr Red Prompret....

2) One table spoon tauchu, some garlic, chili padi - mix and stir fry


Neogrendal said...

Yum yum but the fish got the eye one...yeeeee. Again, Great entry with good food made simple.

Baby m009 said...

Now that u mention it, it does look a bit scary..white-eyed fish... :)

Anonymous said...

Just in case you haven't found out, the fish, it's a Red Tilapia