Saturday, August 9, 2008

5 seasonings must haves in my cooking.

Since I started this food recipe blog, I became more aware of my cooking and what I put into my cooking. I also realize that my cooking is pretty basic and I just use a couple of basic must haves ingredients. I love Chinese food best and I think that these are my basic must haves....For a simple meal, if you have these seasonings in the are set for a delicious meal.

1) Salt. This is a no brainer. If you wanna know more about salt, click here.

2) Pepper. This is another no brainer. There are many types of pepper. For Malaysia Chinese cooking, I heard the best is the Sarawak pepper. Any truth? Not sure. Read more about pepper, click here.

3) This is a definite must have! Just a dash here and there in cooking. I use it for marinade on all my meat. I use it as a dip. I don't know what I will do without it. Click here for more info.

4) Oyster sauce. This also goes well for Chinese dishes. Use as a marinade for meat, brings out the sweetness in the meat. Use this when stir-frying vegetables, it is just yum yum. I am using more of this to just bring more taste to my dishes. Click here.

5) Last but not least is Sesame oil. Ohhh!! the strong fragrance of sesame oil. It just add the "oommph" in the cooking. I usually add it at the end of cooking the dish so that the fragance lingers. Infact, when I cook Maggie Mee Chicken Flavour, a dash of sesame oil at the end, wow! brings out a wonderful aroma, you will slurp up every last drop. Click here!

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