Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beef Bulgogi

Inspiration - In Malaysia, I hardly ever go to a Korean restaurant, just a few times to Korean BBQ in Ampang but that was many years ago. Here in Dallas, Korean restaurants are pretty popular and the food is really good too. So this is a Korean Bulgogi dish and it turned out really yummy too. Very simple cos I had some help with the marinade. :)

Bulgogi Meat Marinade from Asian Home Gourmet.

1) It's very simple. Just get some beef fillets..err do you call them fillets..anyway, beef meat, whatever!? Slice them into thin strips.

2) Just pour the packet of seasoning on the meat and let it marinade for at least 30 mins.

3) You can actually smell the aroma of the Bulgogi sauce. Pretty yummy. This is looking good.

4) In a non stick pan, with a bit a olive oil, place the beef strips on the pan. This should cook really fast like 1-2 mins on each side.

5) Once it turn a bit brown you can remove from pan. Of course, if you like your beef really cooked, you can leave it longer in the pan.

6) I sauteed some quartered onions in the same pan.

7) Ready to be served with some crispy fried garlic as garnishing. Voila! Ready to eat! Yummy!


SteamyKitchen said...

great idea using bulgogi flavor as a stirfry

Peb said...

Thanks. It taste yummy too!

uno said...

I am very interested in the article that you created. I am very interested in Korean food I hope someday I can make it yourself