Friday, August 8, 2008

My USA Porky Pork recipe

This is totally non-halal and delicious....

My favourite porky pork! This was my recipe and how I made it back in Malaysia. See Link.

BUT now here is US, I somehow feel the need to be healthier or maybe since I cook inside ( windows are not opened at my house) , I prefer less deep frying. My kitchen can't take it.

So I discovered that you can kinda get the nearly the same effect with an oven. Since I only cook for myself and Hubby-D, I am using the toaster oven but I think mine quite "powderful" wan cos I can adjust heat up to 450 degrees.

It's so simple to make -

1) Pork Belly - 2 strips.

2) Marinade - soy sauce, salt, pepper and five spice powder and a bit of oyster sauce.

That's all. Marinade for at least 30 mins or longer. Lay it on a sheet pan. Take a sharp knife and poke the skin on top of the pork belly. You can also draw criss-cross. This is so that the skin will end up crispy. The piece of pork I have below looks a bit fat right??! But it's ok, after you bake it, the oil will come out and it won't look so fatty. But it will taste fantastic.

Bake in oven for 30 mins. It would look like below. This is not a great picture due to poor lighting. Also I should have left it in oven a bit longer cos I prefer it more brown but I was hungry. Cannot "tahan" already!

So, I chopped, chopped it up.

Hmmm...making my stomach growl, growl.

I am ready to munch it down. Voila! Ready to eat! Super super super YUMMY!
This is the super fast and simple version. I have since experimented, looked at how some experts do it, taken the tips and improved to make "Siew Yoke" or Chinese roasted pork. Stay tuned for the recipe.


Siryn said...

Oooh... I'm looking forward to your easy "siew yoke" recipe! I'm in Sweden, so gotta learn how to make it myself too :)

mysimplefood said...

Hi Siryn - I hope my recipe is helpful. I made a new batch of "Siewyoke". Here is the link -

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