Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Marble Cake

My 2nd attempt in baking after my successful Cereal Cookies.

Now for my favourite cake - Marble Cake. I searched and searched the internet for various recipes and found some that suited the ingredients I had in the pantry. Ah yes, I don't go buy whatever ingredients I need for a recipe, usually I try to find a recipe and more often I combine recipes to suit whatever I have in my pantry. Then I crossed my fingers and pray it will turn out. And always, I have beginner's luck cos my first time making a dish always turns out pretty well. Infact, when I make it the second time, it usually turn out worse! I wonder why?

But anyway, here I will list down and show you step by step exactly what I did. So, you first time or wannabe bakers, I hope you find this useful. And all the experienced cooks and bakers out there, I would appreciate any comments or suggestions to be better.

Btw, it is really marble cake recipe I am making, the photo above looks like muffins but it is not muffins. I used the muffin tray to make the marble cake so that I get indivdual portions without needing to cut the cake. This is a tip I learned from my Aunt Judy who makes fabulous marble cakes.

Simple ingredients -

1) Butter - 110gm
2) Sugar - 100gm
3) Eggs - 2 (large)
4) Flour - 110gm
5) Baking powder - 1/2 tsp
6) Vanilla Essence - 1/2 tsp
6) Cocoa powder - 1 TBSP
7) Milk - 3.5 TBSP

This may seem like such a small recipe but since I am making it for the 1st time and only me and my hubby would be eating, this is the right portion for me. I like it as it will last for 2-3 days and it is just nice. It will make about 7-9 muffin cups. If you want a bigger cake, just double up the ingredients.

Simple steps

1) Put butter and sugar in mixer and beat till blended.

2) Then add egg one by one and continue to blend together.

3) Add flour and baking powder and a pinch of salt and continue to mix. Add in the vanilla essence last. The mix should look like below and smell quite good - fragrance of vanilla essence and butter.

4) Get ready your baking dish. Here I am using muffin trays. Grease it lightly.

5) Put aside 1/3 of the mixture. Then scoop the remaining mixture into the muffin tray filling up to half.

6) Remember the 1/3 of mixture kept aside. This is for the chocolate portion. Firstly mix the cocoa powder with the milk. Make sure it is blended well. Then add in the butter/flour mixture and mix.

7) Put the chocolate mixture on to the muffin tray too.

8) Take a chopstick or the handle of a spoon and slowly swirl the mixture in circular motion. Don't over mix.

9) Put into pre-heated oven at 350' for 20- 25 minutes.

10) That's it! Pretty easy! Voila! Ready to eat! And it is YUMMY!


daren said...

.. oooh so yummy!

I mean i know u cook here and there.. but this really looks yummy!

Jeh... pass or not?

Peb said...

Hi Daren - Yeah! part of my housewifey role! Jeh sure pass wan!!LOL!

mumsgather said...

This looks so nice but it sure looks like an awful lot of things to get. I don't have an oven, a mixer, a measuring cup, and ingredients. How ar? Hahaha.

Peb said...

Hi mumsgather - oh yeah! I forgot to tell you that actually I started baking because there is an oven in the hse! I never baked before that cos my mom's house did not have oven, so yeah oven and mixer was a bit motivated. the rest are small stuff :)