Monday, August 4, 2008

Salted Fish with Pork Belly

Inspiration - Hmmmm, this dish is to die for. Famously known in Cantonese as "Ham Yee Fa Lam Po" literal translation - Salted Fish Pork Belly Claypot. The combination of salted fish with the succulent pork belly stirfried in claypot over blazing fire....ohhh! I am getting hungry just thinking about it. I can eat two bowls of rice just with this dish. Whatmore, it is pretty simple to make and I don't even have the claypot, just normal pan or wok will do.

Simple ingredients -
1) Pork belly - cut into think slices - marinade with light soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt pepper and a small dash of dark soy sauce.

2) Salted Fish - cut in thin slices or small cubes
3) Onion - Quartered
4) Dried chilies
5) Garlic

Simple preparation

1) Stirfry the garlic and salted fish till fragant. Remember to open your windows cos the wonderful smell of salted fish can envelope your whole kitchen. Once fragrant, put in the pork belly and continue to stirfry.

2) Put the onion and dried chillies. Make sure your wok is on big fire to get the aroma all blended in together. This dish need the "wok hei" (The heat of the wok) for it to taste yummylicious.

3) Add some water to simmer it down. At this point, add salt or even a bit of dark soy sauce as desired. You have to gauge how salty you want (remember this dish is already salty due to the fish) and also how dark you want your dish to look like.

4) Voila! Ready to Eat and it is Yum-Yummylicious! Where's my 2 bowls of rice??


Anonymous said...

Yum, you just motivated me to go cook tonight :)

Peb said...

Hi Klaw - yummy right!! I get hungry just looking at the pictures...try it try it!

Everything's Herbed said...

yum yum yum. i get hungry just looking at the pictures. will definitely try this..

mysimplefood said...

Everything's Herbed - thanks for visiting, do try it and let me know how it went...