Monday, July 7, 2008

Egg Starters

Ok...I have not seen this in Malaysia so naturally I was kinda curious on exactly what this is, how it taste blah, blah, blah. Essentially this is the healthy version for eggs as it is fat free and cholesterol free. Good alternative huh for the health conscious. Don't ask me what it is made of bcoz I have really no idea. But I decided to cook this and see if it is like the real thing. Inside, it is just like a milk-liquid but yellow in colour.

So, I am making some eggs with chives and crawfish (this is not crayfish and really I don't think we have crawfish in Malaysia or at least I have not seen). Anyway, it looks like a tiny version of a lobster and the piece of meat is so small. A lot of effort to get a tiny piece in yr mouth.

Chives from a friend's garden

Crawfish meat which I patiently remove from its shells. It looks like tiny prawns right?

Anyway, so I just stir-fry the chives and the crawfish and then add the egg starters for kinda of an omelette eggs style.

Verdict - Actually the taste is pretty close. Definitely, don't mind having it as a healthier substitute but like everything healthy, there is bound to be something missing. And for this, I guess it would be the aromatic smell of eggs. Other than that, the texture and taste is all fine but I still love the smell of "real" eggs especially as it hits the oil for a simple "ho pau tan" (purse egg).


amos said...

Eggs are healthy. We have been taught not to eat the yolk because of cholesterol.
Indeed it contain lots of cholesterol but it's good cholesterol.

Peb said...

Hi Amos - Good to know that it's good cholesterol...yeah kinda always been told don't eat the egg yolks due to high cholesterol. A lot of my friends just remove the yolk but for me I love the yolk so sometimes, I will eat their yolk portion too :)