Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wonton Dumplings

Inspiration - Someone commented that my wan tan mee recipe did not have wan tan (dumplings) at all. Ha ha....I guess I was really focused on the mee portion. Somehow, in Malaysia, whenever I go out for wan tan mee, I am only thinking of the mee (noodles) and of course the char siu. The wan tan soup on the side is kinda just a side dish. Maybe that is just the case in Malaysia. I know in HK and even here in US, the Wan Tan are the focus for the dish with huge dumplings vs the tiny ones in Malaysia. Anyway, since I posted the wan tan mee, to make sure I have the actual wan tan, this is the one that I made recently. This is also the first ever time that I made wan tan from scratch so I definitely welcome feedback on better ways to improve :)

Simple ingredients -
1) Minced pork (1lb), Minced mushroom (5pcs), minced onion or shallots (1 pcs)
2) Wan Tan wrapper
3) Soup base = Ikan Bilis (anchovies) base.
4) Some choy sum

Simple Steps -
1) Stir-fry the minced mushroom and shallots. As you can see I only chopped it, try to do fast fast, I should have minced it since it ended up a bit too big for my liking.

2) Mixed together with the minced pork, add some seasoning of salt, pepper, sesame oil, a bit of soysauce. Actually a key ingredient to have a nice crunch for the dumplings is to include chopped water chestnut. But since I did not have it, I just omitted it.

3) Now, for the wrapping process. this is really the "exciting" part cos since it is my first time, I kinda just fiddle my way thru. I lay out the egg white, wan tan wrapper and the minced meat = my assembly line!

4) Take one wrapper, I dab some egg white wash on each of the corners.

5) Put a small piece of minced meat on the middle of wan tan wrapper. Try not to be greedy and put a big piece cos during the process of boiling, the filling will likely just fall out.

6) I just wrap up each side of the wrapper.

7) And then do a little twist. I am sure there is a more professional way of doing it but this is my first try simplified version. Luckily it worked.

8) In a pot of boiling water, gently put in the prepared dumplings.....

9) When the wan tan float up, it is ready.

10) For the soup base, I just boiled ikan bilis soup and put in some choy sum. Put in the boiled wan tan, and Voila! Ready to eat! Yum yum!


peiyun said...


I tried making wantons before too, but my meat ended up too bland =(

I guess I'm still caught at the seasoning part =P

Anonymous said...

thanx for the simple recipie,as a malaysian living down under the recipies definately help,i did some changes into the recipies by putting in some waterchesnut/yambean into the meat mixture and it turn out SUPERB!
thanx once again.

mysimplefood said...

Yup chest nut inside is super yummy. what's yam bean?