Friday, July 25, 2008

My first MIXER........

For many cook experts and even non cook experts, I know this is nothing but for me...yooohooo!! This is my first baby.......I never owned an electric mixer before and never baked in my life. I've always wanted to and now I can look at baking recipes and hopefully bake some cookies, cakes, breads etc. Hubby-D found this great Kitchen Aid deal on the internet and I was just thrilled when it arrived.
It was kinda heavy...which is great...I think mixers should be heavy, right. Anyway, I am just super happy that I own a mixer. This was 2 months ago.......and since then I have made quite a few successful baking recipes and some not so successful ones :(. Even not so successful, but we have eaten every single thing and nothing have been thrown out yet.
I will be sharing with you soon on my simple baking journey and I discovered it is not that hard after all. Yeah I can't agak-agak on the ingredients when it comes to baking but I think once you get the basics it is quite easy.

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