Thursday, July 31, 2008

Virgin Baker

Cereal Cookies!! I actually made cereal cookies!!

I have never baked in my life! I looked thru some recipes trying to figure out the ingredients which are all new to me. For eg. What is the difference between baking powder or baking soda? Anyway, I still don't know, so for baking, I will just follow the recipe. No guess work. No agak agak unlike my normal Chinese cooking.
With my new mixer waiting to be used, I was figuring out what would be my first virgin bake. Why cereal cookies? The only reason is that I have a half bag of low fat cereal (which taste yucky btw) and I thot it would be a great idea to use it to bake my virgin cookies so I don't have to eat it plain for breakfast!

Simple ingredients-
1. 110gm butter
2. 110gm sugar
3.1/2 lemon - juiced.
4. 1/2 tsp vanilla
5. 1 egg yolk
6. 100gm corn flakes
7. 125gm self raising flour
8. 1 tsp baking powder
9. 1 cup of vege oil

Simple steps -
1) First, I pound the cereal with my strong fist!!

2. In the mixer, I put the butter, sugar and vanilla. Whisk it away till blended. Then add the egg yolk and lemon juice and mix.

3. Next, put in the flour and cornflakes. Mix it all together. This was when I was wondering, how come the mixture is so dry. How do I combine to make cookies? Ok check check ingredients again!! Ohhh!! I need to put in some cornoil. So 1 cup of corn-oil into this mix!

This is how the mix looks like. Now for cookie time.

4. So, I took a palm-full of dough and roll it on palm to form a ball and then press it down. Put it in baking tray and then into oven at 325'F. Guess what I did wrong???!!!

Ooppps too close together and so as it was baking, it grew and stuck to each other. Panic! Panic!

Ok ...ok...learned my lesson, next, make much smaller cookies and put further apart! :)

Voila, after 15 minutes, the cookies are ready. Wow! I am de-virgined :) The bigger cookies are lighter in color and the smaller ones are a bit darker but both Ready to Eat! Yummy!

I am proud!


Reena said...

OMG! I have never baked before and I have been soo scared to try - what if everything doesn't turn out edible! But you make it sound so easy. I think I am going to try your Virgin Cookie to be my first time too! :) Thanks!

Peb said...

Hi Reena - At first I was afraid too but really now it is pretty easy...just check out a few recipes, get to know the ingredients and then it will be the same stuff rotating. I will blog about baking buns soon. I made the floss bread and it looks and taste like the real thing. I so happy! :) Happy trying.