Monday, July 7, 2008

Lobak Kueh again!!

Inspirations - This is probably my 3rd time making it and I am determined to get it just right. Actually my first two attempts were not too bad, only that it was a bit too hard cos there were a lot of ingredients and not enough water. So this time....I will remember to add more water and not be afraid that it will not harden.

Please refer to my earlier entry to the full recipe and step by step on how to make it.

Simple ingredients -

This time I am making a smaller portion, so I kinda agak-agak all the ingredients quantities. Importantly I got the rice flour ( I only use half pkt abt 250gm) , Radish - a medium size - grated, a handful of minced meat, a palmful of minced mushroom, a cup of stirfried dried shrimp, stirfried onions or shallots, hmm I guess that's it.

Simple steps -

After stirfrying all the ingredients, I put in all into the rice flour dough. Rice flour stirred with water. I made sure that this time, my dough is watery and still easy to stir. Put onto steamer. Before you put on the lid to steam, continue to stir the dough mixer until it stiffen a bit.

I think my dough mixture this time, will turn out ok, though I am constantly watching it cos I am worried that it will be too watery. This time I also added a bit of dark soy sauce on the meat and that is why my mixture is a bit brownish, usually it is whiteish.

After 2 hrs of steaming, remove from steamer, I garnished with some fried shallots, you can add chopped green onions if you want.

You can eat this hot, or after one day, I usually like to cut into smaller thin slices and with a little oil in a non-stick pan, I would stir fry it a bit. So the texture is kinda crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Since it is homemade, I try to use as little oil as possible just to feel healthier. It looks a bit dry but it taste good :)


Diana said...

OOh! I love this stuff! Nice background on your blog.

callister said... looks yummy..and i like lobak kueh...wa,it's middle in the morning, where can i get one?

Big Bright Head said...

lobak kueh... my favorite.. too bad hard to get good ones... he he

Peb said...

Hi Diana - Thanks for yr compliment.

Hi Callister - Hmmm, in the middle of morning...wait a while longer for the dim sum shops to open :)or make one yrself, can keep in the fridge then can eat anytime :)

Hi Big Bright Head - I agree, the ones you buy outside are all somewhat differing in taste and texture depending on the reaturants.