Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hakka Mee

Inspiration - is not authentic but conceptually it probably works. I don't know where Hakka Mee originated from, but as long as I can remember the most authentic is from Seremban cos in my opinion nothing in KL comes close to the ones from Seremban. People from Seremban would know of the popular shop (near market, opposite post office) that sells only Hakka Mee - the worst service you have ever seen, the most unfriendly husband and wife who ignores you and pulls a black face and the slowest service ever. Yet people still go for their Hakka Mee. Almost everytime I go there, I remind myself don't ever come back but then once in a while the temptation for the Hakka Mee weakens me. And I know it is tasty likely due to pork lard :), yet I go. But really, their combination of homemade noodles and pork gravy is yummy.

Since my recipe is not really Hakka Mee but more like a replica, but it is quite simple.

Simple Ingredients-
1) Minced pork gravy. Marinated in soy sauce, salt and pepper. Stirfry in some oil, add water, then add seasoning of dark soy salt, salt, a bit of oyster sauce and a bit of corn starch to thicken the sauce. I usually make this when I cook dinner, keep in fridge and can use it for the noodles if I am having it for breakfast.

2) For the noodles, I just use dried wan tan noodles. Fast and easy, like cook maggie mee.
3) And a bit of taugeh but this is really optional. Any vegetables you prefer.

Simple Steps -
1) Boil the Dried Wan Tan Noodles. Seriously the fresh ones are way tastier but No choice since I only had the dried ones, I had to use it. But I made sure that I boil it in more water to remove some of the noodle taste.

After boiling, I put it in cold water to rinse further.

And then back to hot water again. Tip - best to have another pot of water boiling so that after the cold water you can put back into a 2nd hot boiling water. Usually I only use one pot (cos I lazy to wash). So after I remove the first hot water, I throw the water away and I need to put in fresh water to boil. This takes sometime and the process to soak in cold water is quite fast which the 2nd pot of boiling water is not ready. If I dump the noodles in the not so boiling water and wait for it to boil again, the noodles would have soak too long and becomes a little soggy. So best to have 2 pots of boiling water.......(unless you lazy like me)

Anyway, drain noodles from the hot water. Put on plate/bowl. Pour the minced pork gravy on top and toss. Voila. Ready to eat!
To make it tastier you can also add fried shallots oil or if you have pork lard. Sure tasty wan! :)

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bern said...

so true. no hakka mee in klang valley ever come close to the one in seremban :)